Thorsten Rinne - Refactoring

  • Thorsten codes since 1999 (PHP 3)
  • short Questionround about Companies and their Coding Behaviour
  • Code ages
  • Cost per Change Request are rising
  • dont refactor before a important release
  • you don't know how long refactoring takes
  • don't refactor with a lot of Junior Developers, they need Expirience
  • don't do it parallel to new features / development tasks
  • use coding standard, define your own or use pear or zend
  • avoid spaghetti code
  • speeds up maintainability
  • improves productivity
  • fix your API specs
    • Listenpunkt
  • what to do when refactoring
    • stay calm
    • use extreme Programming with shared pc's (one senior, one junior)
    • write Tests !!
    • don't let refactor the Devs their own Code (CodeBlindness)
    • don't let Junior Devs refactor alone
  • Unit Testing
    • only with Testing you could check if you broke anything
    • Problem: most old Code is untestable
    • PartTime Solution: Selenium
    • Solution:
  • Change the internal Structure without changing the external Behaviour
  • Discipline: Work 8 Hours, don't do Overtime, it's hard Work
  • Restructuring ?
  • Don't change Behaviour
  • Forms of Refactoring
  • Renaming, Extraction, Changing Signatures
    • name Variables relating to the Content
    • Pull up/Pull down, don't use duplicate Methods, extract and outsource them
      • put Method you need for Child Functions to the Parent Class (Superclass)
  • Tips & Tricks
  • Discussion about Testing and Refactoring and the Importance of Teaching the Youth
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