Many Awesome Nerds In A Club

Diese Gruppe ist eine Art Namespace für alles was an Events für Software/Hardware Nerds interessant und wichtig ist.


You are Member of the MANIAC if:

  1. you are in Love with the Lolcat
  2. you know the meaning of 42
  3. you know PI
  4. you love teh Pirate
  5. the Ninja
  6. and of course teh Zombie
  7. you are Scotty
  8. you are the 0 and the 1
  9. you know brainfuck
  10. and cow
  11. when i say Qapla'! you say DaHjaj 'oH QaQ jaj Daq Hegh
  12. you know the Geekcode


Überall in München, auf Konferenzen, Kongressen, bei Firmen, in Bar, Jugendheimen



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