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 +====== Human Brain, Quantum Device ======
 +Inspired by reading way too much HPMOR & LessWrong lately and of course by watching the Trailer for Transcendence (with Jonny Depp) i came up with a lot of theories around how Brain/​consciousness copying could/​should/​would work.
 +//Note: This is all purely based on my knowledge (not much) of Quantum Mechanics/​Fields and how the Brain works - it contains LOADS of theories i came up with or read online and papers i don't claim to fully understand//​
 +I used my time as i've walked home from the Train Station on Wednesday and thought about: Is the Brain a Quantum Computer? If yes, can i copy a consciousness into a Quantum Computer? If yes, would it be a pure consciousness without senses and would the mind go crazy because of the missing sensory input/​output?​ Would we be able to simulate a Room/the whole body in the Computer if we copy the Quantum State of a whole room? Would the reflexes kick in and the mind suffocate because of the missing air?
 +Some of these questions might be incredibly dumb, but bear with me please.
 +If we copy a freshly fertilized egg into the Computer - would it grow into a human?
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