Human Brain, Quantum Device

Inspired by reading way too much HPMOR & LessWrong lately and of course by watching the Trailer for Transcendence (with Jonny Depp) i came up with a lot of theories around how Brain/consciousness copying could/should/would work.

Note: This is all purely based on my knowledge (not much) of Quantum Mechanics/Fields and how the Brain works - it contains LOADS of theories i came up with or read online and papers i don't claim to fully understand

I used my time as i've walked home from the Train Station on Wednesday and thought about: Is the Brain a Quantum Computer? If yes, can i copy a consciousness into a Quantum Computer? If yes, would it be a pure consciousness without senses and would the mind go crazy because of the missing sensory input/output? Would we be able to simulate a Room/the whole body in the Computer if we copy the Quantum State of a whole room? Would the reflexes kick in and the mind suffocate because of the missing air?

Some of these questions might be incredibly dumb, but bear with me please.

If we copy a freshly fertilized egg into the Computer - would it grow into a human?

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