DIY City

First thing that came to my mind after the HaitiCrisis and after finished reading Makers from Cory Doctorow was: Blast it guys, we have a comparable Problem here.

In Makers there is a Group of Homeless people that build up some kind of a City out of Trailers and Tents, when suddenly the „City“ burns down. They move into the Fabric of the Main Protagonists and then they build up their own second „City“ on a Junkyard out of literally anything they can find.

Biggest Problem when a Crisis makes people Homeless is certainly the missing Water and sanitary Supplies (Toilets) but even bigger is the missing Shelter against Wind, Rain and Weather in general. Not to mention the psychic torture of loosing your House/Home. So what can we do about this?

Simple. Design, Architecture and BuildingEngineer Students (Bauingenieur?) all around the World are working on Projects to build Houses out of Renewable Materials that can be used for guess who? Students. The big problem for most Students in Cities with high Real Estate Prices is the Rent. I've seen some projects to get exactly this problem solved, some kind of hypermodular Cubicle Homes that can be moved easy and are affordable.

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