PHP without PHP

Terry Chang

* Funky Caching
   * redirect 404 on the first call to a 404page generator
  • Code Complete (book steve mcconnell)
    • unit testing/
    • waterfall process, slow
    • not suitable to modern software dev
  • mythical man month (book)
    • painting a fence, add people to do it faster
    • if meeting a deadline add more devs, WRONG in Softwaredev
    • add devs to a project slows down the progress
  • correct paradigm for software dev is engineering not architecture
  • engineer and architect
  • 1st example building
    • falling water (frank loyd wright)
    • organic architecture
  • why php? (what has this to do with php?)
    • funky caching pattern is used all the time
    • why php uses this more often?
    • nothing beats a static file server
    • = harmony with environment
    • apache web server: error document
  • architecture of php
  • 3 principles of php
    • php is very „cheap“
      • quote from philip greenspun
    • php is scalable
      • quote from harry fuecks
    • php is pragmatic
      • quote from rasmus lerdorf
    • php is not about purity, its like a wet cat: its mean
  • 2nd example
    • bellefield tower (level the church, keep the tower)
    • design hubris?
    • dont worry about the surrounding environment
    • frameworks (by definition)
      • are build to solve problems
  • Work WITH the existing Environment, not against
    • tagged - php4 / zend accelerator → needs time to migrate to new ideas/technic
  • 3rd example
  • golden gate bridge
    • know one recongnizes the gate brigde, golden gate is to iconic
  • same problem, different pattern
    • color is orange like rusted environment, fits well
    • it is part of the whole (this is a reference to the Frank Lloyd Wright Example with the Falling Waters House i think)
  • design pattern - the timeless way of building (christopher alexander)
    • each pattern describes a problem occuring over and over again, you can use the solution over and over again without doing it the same way
  • funky caching again
    • javascript / css compiling and caching
      • pre compile/minimize and cache them
    • tagged - using pictures from production server for staging server via errordocument funky caching
  • beyond funky caching
    • deliver pages faster makes user more active
  • look around for inspiration for doing good software architecture
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