Terry Chay

  • The Database
    • Ahmdahls law (slowest Part will be the Bottleneck)
    • Database Abstraction, make Databases portable (indipendence)
      • Web 2.0 Sites should not use Database Independence
      • B2B should use DI
      • Use the Advantages the DB System gives you
      • Use Data Abstraction instead DBAbstraction
      • Advantage of Data Abstraction: hire DBAs and only give them Interface
    • if your Problem is mappable in Wordpress, use it for christ sake
  • Toy Sites
    • if you know the Bounderies, use a Framework
    • inefficency isnt important for Enterprise but not for customer face sites
    • PHP Developers are Jackhammers :)
    • if an average developer writes 1000 lines a day, a (academic) developer writes 2
  • Standardization
    • many Coders know Rails but not Ruby
    • many Coders know PHP but don't know the Core
  • Where PHP rocks
    • ease, simple, direct, ugly
    • Tim Bray, whenever i code PHP my heart goes black
    • PHP is the shortest distance between two points
  • solves Errors
    • Design Pattern can be used to fix Errors in Code Design
  • other Stuff
    • Memcache is L2 for APC
    • low level Objects send Alertnotice to High level Objects, High level Objects send listeners then

(advantage is you could deactivate the listeners and dont have to deactivate low level Objects)

  • DO AB TESTS for everything (smiley face at end of subject line does 20% more clickrate)
  • examples for good framework design
  • top 100 Webseites - 40% dont use PHP, 60% do
  • AJAX is replacing default Templating Systems in PHP
  • NOT Ajax but AJAJ (AsynchronousJavascriptAndJSON) JSON is easier to use on ClientSide
  • db is not longer the Bottleneck thx to Memcache
  • bind lightly, Loose Coupling
    • memcache was developed by PERL Developer, now most commits are coming from PHP Devs
    • Design Patterns are coming from Java DEVS, now Java Devs are entering PHP
    • Ruby is multithreaded, you have to use CloudComputing and it's developed many usefull tools (GitHub, CruiseControl)
  • Conclusion
  • Dont say Fuck you, blog this!
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