Orga Trunk


This is the Orga Trunk ™

This is my Orga Trunk. There are many like it but this one is mine. My Orga Trunk is my best friend. It is my life. I must master it as I must master my life. Without me, my Trunk is useless. Without my Trunk I am useless.

Well - at least you will make your life WAY easier. Or at least that's what i think, but what do i know.

The Trunk

Choose something not TO big, not to fancy. If you have access to an old AmmoBox, take it.


The Box needs to be sturdy, cause it will not be treated nice.

Alu is fine, at least that's what i used (for now) It needs REALLY stable handles! Two off em. Mine even snap back automagically.

Also it should have wheels. Well mine will get some soon. Because carrying sucks. Let's Archimedes do the job.


This is stuff that I find useful for Event Organizers.

  • Working Gloves - at least 2 pairs, i chose 4 „cheaper“ pairs + one leather pair
  • Tarpaulin - i chose some Painters stuff but only because of the price - future upgrade: REAL tent tarpaulin
  • a Stapler - because, never leave without it (there is a german saying: „Heb niemals ab vom Acker, ohne deinen Tacker“ - roughly translated to: „Never liftoff, without your stapler“ - totally doesn't works in English this quote)
  • Duct Tape - at least 4 times 50 Meters, because duct tape. Because! nuff said.
  • hot glue gun - the Mac Gyver Tool
  • first aid kits - 2 small ones, one bigger one (one stays at the backstage, two you will give out to your 1stAidFolks) - if you reach a certain size of an event you will have to organize medics, but still - one can never have enough band aids
  • rubber gloves - for 1st aid stuff
  • Paper - i have around 1000 sheets, for scribbeling, for printing out notes, etc
  • small Flashlights - 2, use LED, choose the one with AA Batteries, can be used for outages & for checking folks for concussions
  • Batteries - AA + 9 Volt Block
  • Garbage Bags - 2 rolls with 120 Liter black bags, for getting rid of stuff aehm trash
  • Zip Ties - one bag of at least 120 mm ones, because not everything can/should be fixed with Duct Tape
  • Twine - around 100 Meters, for Tin Can Phones or other fun stuff. Or just for tying stuff
  • WD-40 - small can, via
  • Protection Glasses - for Angle Grinding or fun with chemicals
  • Filter Masks - again, fun with chemicals might not be fun for your lungs
  • Edding aka Freaking Big Black Marker - for writing on → Paper, to tell people far away in the location where to look for: Toilet, Food, Info, Sessions, etc
  • Leatherman Tools or equal - 4, for handing out to Roadies/Helpers, to kill Vampires. Or to cut twine. Whatever
  • Megafon - preferably with a Siren Function. Useful for talking louder than attendees.
  • Folding Ruler - for hitting helpers or measuring stuff
  • self retracting tape measure - again, measuring
  • spirit level - for getting a nice, even perspective, or for setting up an even stage
  • a rubber mallet - no comment

Future Ideas

  • small inkjet Printer
  • Soldering Iron
  • Patch Cable
  • small Wireless Router and or Switch
  • Universal Charging Station
  • USB Solar Charger in the Trunk Lid
  • Power Strip
  • Spray Can with water dissolved color
  • magnifying glasses
  • walkie talkies
  • MiniAmp + Microfon

Alte Liste

  • Dicke schwarze Marker
  • Gaffatape
  • Sicherheitsnadeln
  • Tesa
  • Kühlschrankmagneten
  • Stecknadeln
  • Notfall Handy und Nummer publik machen, am Besten auf die Badges drucken
  • Badges
  • LAN Yards
  • Scheren!
  • Drucker
  • Laptop
  • Ladegerät
  • Steckerleiste (nur für Orga)
  • First-Aid Pack
  • Flaschenöffner
  • der berühmte Mac Adapter (am besten zwei) ;-)
  • Mehrfachsteckdosen
  • Verlängerungskabel
  • Netzwerk-Kabel
  • Beamer und dazugehörige(n) PC(s) für die Twitterwall
  • Foto-Apparat(e)
  • Mikrofon (am besten Schnurlos) und Verstärker/Boxen

alles markiert und gelabelt und bei Todesstrafe verboten es zu verleihen

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