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Due to the limited capabilites of this Wiki for organizing a MultiEvent/MultiTopic Conference Thingie, where moving to mixxt, a Platform from some friends of mine, some of you allready are registered of course and we will try to keep this Wiki/Page as a Backup for everyone that don't wants to register at mixxt.

The new Address is:


  • So we got no real movement around 42, but i told many people about it and all of them loved the Idea
  • What we gonna do now is: celebrating the GeekPrideDay and of Course the TowelDay on the 25th of May and on this day spam the #towelday Tag with Informations about 42

10.10.2010 - 42


2010 will be Year binary, 010110, 100110, 110110,011010, 101010, and so on ..

Because we are Nerds and 101010 means 42 in Binary, i declare this Date to a GLOBAL HOLIDAY and
Celebration - we would stop to be Nerds if we don't celebrate this Day.

Let's Roll Folks!

Ok, let's get this startet. First of all let's define what we actually want to do:

  • NerdCamp (BarCamp with Nerds, TechStuff only, bit like Plumbercon)
  • CoWorking Festival (Afternoon/whole Day)
  • GirlGeekDinner (Evening)
  • Ignite (Evening)
  • GoogleDeveloperDay (whole Day) 50% safe!
  • Hackathon (Afternoon/whole Day)
  • FabLab (whole Day)
  • potential Speakers: Enrico Dini
  • GGGCamp (whole Day) 90% safe!
  • Science Hack Day (two days)
  • potential Speakers: Katherine McAlpine
  • Dale Chase Dale Chase Nerdcore Music (evening Concert) 60% safe!


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  1. Nils Hitze
  2. @atze2002
  3. @marcuhlig
  4. Georg Portenkirchner @portenkirchner

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